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Construction Equipment Guide is a publication that is dedicated to the industry of construction. This publication features information, news and the latest facts about the construction sector. It also publishes ads in classifieds for those who want to sell the equipment they have used or purchase it for less.

The publication prints advertisements to allow construction workers to continue to buy and sell their equipment, and selling without looking through the telephone books for listings. It is not common for people to purchase new equipment unless they’re receiving it at a reduced cost. If someone wishes to sell their old asphalt roller as they have just bought a new one, then they’ll most likely let it go very cheaply or perhaps even donate it.

Because heavy equipment is costlier than many other kinds of equipment, the classifieds section of this magazine concentrates on it. Compact excavators and bulldozers are the most widely used pieces of heavy equipment. Based on the condition of their equipment and the features, these machines may cost upwards of $30k or more. In addition, advertisements feature equipment that isn’t commonly used such as backhoe loaders and bulk material handlers.

This segment can be divided into three categories three categories: light-duty, heavy-duty and the miscellaneous. The most costly equipment to move landscape materials such as asphalt or dirt are heavy-duty. Another category, light-duty includes equipment that will not have the same price because it has a smaller price tag or specializes in tasks such as sawing wood or digging ditches with lesser

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