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is a common dental issue that adults have to deal with. The problem is common among toddlers and youngsters. The cavity can cause holes in the teeth because of tooth decay as well as the degrading of enamel on the teeth. This is the most frequently encountered dental issues in toddlers and kids. A cavity can cause permanent harm to a tooth. If not treated, the child lose teeth. It is essential to protect children from tooth decay. In order to avoid damage to the root cause it is essential to be aware of the causes.
The causes of cavities In Toddlers or Young Kids 1. An abundance of bacteria

Acidic substances are created as the levels of bacteria in your teeth increase and eat acidic foods. This causes cavities. Foods that are high in sugar as well as sugars create the perfect conditions to form plaque. Plaque sticks to the tooth which causes discoloration, and can cause dental decay. The concentration of bacteria within the mouth needs to be at the forefront of your thoughts when working in preventing tooth decay in young kids within your home.

2. Construction of Plaque

Plaque is produced by saliva, food, and the acid inside the mouth. Plaque builds up and causes cavities. Regularly brushing is recommended especially for young children in order to keep cavities at bay. Plaque is an important sign most people ignore, and it indicates that your child is at risk in the process of figuring out how to stop cavities from developing in toddlers at home.

3. Poor dental hygiene, poor Brushing

Dental hygiene is important and requires regular visits to the pediatric dentist each six months when your children. Schedule a meeting with a specialist in dentistry right after the first tooth shows up. Kids are often not able to brush their teeth in a proper manner, so parents should monitor them. Children can forget to brush. Teeth decay may result from an absence of flossing. A lack of flossing, or a complete absence of it can lead to the buildup of food particles betw


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