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There is a normality to have issues often. This is referred to as erectile dysfunction, or ED. Here are tips from the popular YouTube channel How to Medicate about how you can best deal with ED.

Consult your physician first. There are many men who can be treated successfully with medicine. These can be prescribed by a general physician. If the medication doesn’t function, then you need to consult a urologist or an ED physician. Penile pumps, penile suppositories and surgical procedures may be needed for further treatment.

Another reason to speak to an expert doctor is to examine your blood cholesterol levels and cholesterol pressure. They could be indicators of cardiovascular or circulatory issues. To get an erection, require enough blood flow to the genitals. A diet that is low in fat can assist in boosting the flow of blood. Certain medications can help.

The next recommendation is to workout regularly to keep or attain a healthy weight. This is not just good for the cardiovascular system but also your sex life. Many studies have shown that being sedentary increases the risk of developing ED. uiivz68tbe.

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