6 Paths to Permanent Residency – United States Laws

Ben Anyalist examines legal permanent residence by getting a Green Card.

One The green card holders’ family members may submit applications for green cards. Families that are eligible comprise spouses, children and parents.

Zwei: Apply for a marriage-based greencard. It is intended for marriages between non-American citizens to citizens. So long as weddings are confirmed to be valid, widows may also be eligible for a green card.

Three: Apply for an Employment-based Green Card. It is intended for those who are employed in America. In certain instances spouses or kids of green card holders may also get their own green cards.

Four: A green card may be obtained in order to serve a humanitarian purpose, for instance, the case where you are seeking asylum or are an ex-refugeee.

Five: If you are the victim of human trafficking, you can get a green card on the condition that you help in the prosecution of the abusers.

Six: A green card can be obtained through the diversity lottery. It is estimated that there are 50,000 winners of the green card lottery every year. in6o36nuic.

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