How Will LiDAR Technology Change Driving? – Car Talk Show

The technology was utilized for mapping dense forests as well as to survey land. Now, it could be used in a way to improve the quality of driving. We’ll find out how.
In a world where automated vehicle technology gets ever more sophisticated It’s now more essential that cars detect the surroundings and other objects that surround the vehicle. LiDAR technology is able to allow vehicles to achieve this. By integrating LiDAR technology into automated driving systems, and in safety systems for vehicles that can’t have the ability to drive themselves, cars have the capability to accurately examine their surroundings, and then respond in the case that objects pass by.
If a pedestrian crosses the roadway in front of the car equipped with LiDAR technology, it can be programmed to trigger the car’s brakes to go off when the pedestrian or thing crosses the road. It can protect pedestrians as well as motorists from harm. 7geydpf7y2.

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