Watch These Dental Myths Get Busted – The Dentist Review

Two dentists debunk 14 commonly held myths about teeth in the following Science Insider video. Explore the science behind tooth decay and whiter teeth.

It will help you stop the notion that electric toothbrushes are superior to battery-powered one by hearing them deny it. The experts will clarify that it’s about how you brush rather than the brushing device that you are using.

Another one they’ll tackle is about teeth grinding or an underlying condition called bruxism. You shouldn’t brush your teeth quickly if think you’re grinding your teeth , or even clenching their teeth involuntarily.

Grinding your teeth regularly can cause headaches, jaw problems, worn enamels and sleep disturbances. It can also cause tooth discomfort or increased sensitivity in addition to other health issues. Consult your dentist for advice if you notice these signs.

Dentists dispel the belief that chewing gum can be a substitute for brushing your teeth. It will be clear that even though chewing sugarless gum will help improve your dental hygiene however, it’s not a replacement for brushing or flossing. Gum chewing only affects the surface of the teeth, and won’t truly clean between teeth like flossing and brushing are able to.

To find out more about the myths surrounding your teeth take a look at the whole video. There’s no reason to floss your teeth the same manner after watching this video. ngq1bbffg3.

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