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This expert, an experienced arborist certified in tree risk assessment and managing trees, provides five things you should know before hiring an arborist.
1. Ensure that the tree removal services you’re choosing have credentials as well as certification with the ISA (International Society for Arboriculture) as well as the TCIAThe TCIA – Voice of Tree Care. Choose accredited an company because it demonstrates that companies have put forth an education process so that they can provide high quality service.
2. Does the company have reviews? Check if the reviews have been posted on Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, Nextdoor, Yelp among others. Check the positive and negative comments and also what they’ve done to them.
3. Pricing. It is important to know the scope of work and how long it’s going to take before deciding the amount you should be willing to pay. It is important to be aware of lower-priced services can mean poorer service and can cause harm to your property.
Want to find out more? Go through this video to discover what other factors you need to know before choosing a tree removal service. 16k7rur8ba.

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