Everything You Need to Know About Ankle Sprains – Free Encyclopedia Online

There are numerous bones within the ankle. They include the Tibia (which connects your leg with your feet) as well as the Fibula (which are your ankle’s connecting bone). There are also tendons linking to the bones. These tendons provide your foot with the flexibility it needs to move. When you are bent your foot incorrectly the result could be tearing or stretching of those muscles. An ankle strain is essentially an injury or stretch of the ligaments.

The majority of ankle injuries heal themselves. If your ankle continues to pain-free, see a doctor that specializes in foot and ankle treatment. An injury that’s not healing on its own may cause medical problems further down the line. This is especially true of arthritis and cartilage injuries.

There are numerous ways to prevent ankle injuries. In order to avoid rolling your ankle it is important to take care when you walk. Also, keep moving so that your ankle gets stronger and will not rupture. Make sure you stretch before you run.


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