How Bail Bonds Work – United States Laws

If you’re accused of criminal activity and are placed on the prison bench for a period of time, bail may be required. In this video, we will discuss what bail bonds are and how they function.

Bail can be a method for a person accused of committing an offense to be freed from jail. Bail is an example of collateral you pay to the judge. You’ll get the cash in return if you keep the court hearings on time and are in compliance to all court requirements.

Bails usually have pre-determined amounts for separate offenses. They can be modified to the satisfaction of the judge. After the bail amount has been determined, the defendant will be authorized to pay it in normal business hours.

The bail bond could be paid by you, a relative, or even a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman charges 10%-15 percent of bail, then pays the rest. If you do not get 10%- 15%, it’s possible to get your money back.

Bond agents also have the right to take the defendant into custody if they are unable to make it to the court. Bond agents are an intermediary between the court in the case of defendants as well as those facing charges. For more details go to the link to the video below.


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