How to Lay Pea Gravel – DIY Home Decor Ideas

In the beginning, make sure you make use of 14mm-sized chipping. A smaller size of gravel is less durable and will last as long and scatter more quickly, which can make it less tidy.

In the next step, you’ll need decide where the gravel path is going to be in your lawn and then plan it. Be sure to take measurements twice and use chalk or stakes or fishline to mark exactly where you’ll place the path.

Put up a weed-control barrier for keeping weeds and plant life away from your surrounding. There is no need to dig into the soil for removing weeds by using the weed membrane.

The next step is to put in the gravel. Pour your gravel onto the surface and then spread the gravel evenly using the help of rake and shovel. The gravel’s depth ought to be approximately 50 millimeters. The goal is to make sure you can see the top of the pathway and ensure you’re not sinking in every direction.

Then, rinse your area to clean off dirt and let the gravel appear clean. Now you have a beautiful and useful pathway.


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