Ten Ideas for Your Big Career Change this Year – Health and Fitness Tips

less time you should realistically expect to take off. Think about what projects and tasks you’d rather not complete during the sabbatical.
Reconnect with Nature

When considering change in career ideas, you may have take a look beyond the closed-off corporate world for a change in scenery and for a fresh perspective. You could consider starting an eco-tourism venture or even learn about foundation repair. Whatever you decide to do make sure that your environment can influence the next steps in your daily life.

Consider a shift towards nature If you sense your own ego is calling that you make a shift within your job. If, for instance, you prefer not to surround yourself with people all day but could still use help meeting people from different backgrounds and broadening your social circle, think about enrolling in an outdoor group or club. In particular, outdoor clubs provide an opportunity to connect with all walks of life, which might not have been possible in other ways.

The outdoors is a great activity for both your mind and body. It has been proven by research that exercise outdoors to be beneficial for the body and mind. Even though you are not directly in contact with nature but it is clear that exercising can have positive effects. If you’re sick of sitting in a cubicle , and are looking to find a space that’s more laid back, then consider getting outside. Perhaps you’d like to work in an organic agricultural farm in another region if your heart is set on the idea of traveling, but don’t enjoy all of travel planning that comes with backpacker travel.


The most important resource for your job is what you have in your circle. Profit from it to expand beyond the limits of your industry. Learn more about how to install an air conditioner. Consider volunteering at conferences or going to gatherings that aren’t the norm in your circles. It will allow you to increase your connections and connect with individuals with different interests and skills.

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