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At your next appointment at your next appointment, your dentist will tell you the need for a bridge or crown. The dentist can remove your tooth if not badly damaged. It’s only an option for short-term use since it doesn’t provide your gum with stimulation. It will cause your gum to fall back in time. The crown, put into the root of your tooth’s natural root in the jaw by your dentist, allows your gum stimulation that teeth from nature could give.

At the time of your appointment, your dentist will also take an digital scan or x-ray of your mouth. This will allow the creation of a mold that is suitable for your mouth’s size. Your dentist will then create a surgical guide to the process of putting in a dental implant in order to make sure that the implant is a perfect fit. Once manufactured, your implants are inserted, and your dentist will put your artificial teeth on top. These implants can last long if maintained by correct brushing and flossing the same way you do with your natural teeth.


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