How Carpeting Companies Produce Carpet – Work Flow Management

Companies will install the carpet for us in our house. The carpet must be made prior to installation taking place. The following article will discuss the steps involved in making carpet.

The video “How Carpets Are Made” explains that nylon bales are initially put through a blending device. We then learn that a carding machine is then employed to collect the nylon and then arrange the material into thin strips.

Once the bands are constructed, they’re put through a machine that creates the thread. When the thread is completed and spools are made, they put it on spools before being made into yarn. After the yarn has been created, it is subjected to heat treatment before being put on the spools once more.

Now the thread spools are all set to be woven into the carpet. Different spools join in order to weave into carpet. Each time, different machines stich the spoils together until eventually the carpet is made. It is possible to stop the process when the carpet isn’t colored in any particular way.


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