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there are rules and regulations for fencing. That’s one reason it’s beneficial hiring a fence contractor that knows what they are conducting. In this clip, you will learn about various fence regulations that may be unusual.

Fence laws vary in each location next. They’re usually enforced at the local level. Many places are regulations that specify the height limit for the fence. For example, most fences are not allowed to be taller than six feet. What is the reason for this? The main reason is to ensure that drivers and pedestrians secure. Drivers must have the ability to view side roads at intersections. The drivers could get blinded by a tall fence and end having car accidents. The fence’s height could block their vision of pet or child who are crossing the road. Fences with excessive heights may pose dangers to safety. Fences that are tall can block the view of your neighbor. However, these requirements typically are not enforced until somebody complains to authorities. Even then, it’s generally not worth the time to enforce rules.


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