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The period they are applying for is when they are an alumni. Student advisors can access the SLATE portal to find out about alumni’s contributions to campus activities, their on-campus involvement along with their professional history as well as particulars about them.

Unlike other higher education admissions programs, SLATE offers total customization and an array of continuously evolving technological features.

The system allows students and future students to connect with the admissions office and high schools. It also allows them to share documents and other information regarding college applications.

SLATE is utilized by universities as it combines all the applications they utilize to help with admissions into one package.

The SLATE program digitalizes and speeds up many processes and paperwork thus saving schools and students lots of money and precious time. While colleges as well as higher education institutions have been early adopters of computer technology, in the times past, they needed have to employ multiple programs in order for keeping track of student data.

SLATE is an integrated platform as well as application provides a wide range of products – that were used to be separately paid and were never associated. That’s why many institutions opt for SLATE. u9xo51lpno.

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