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After you’ve cut your metal panels, you can fold them in the basic shape, then you can weld them. It is possible to weld them by hand in order to install cars with doors that are mobile out on the street, but the machines have an automatic welding procedure. The car doors are then constructed into panels, and then shipped into an automobile parts manufacturing firm. Another method is connecting steel plates in order to create an aluminum-and-steel structure.

This company creates the door frame. In some cases the glass can be affixed on this frame to form the car door that has glass windows. Glass segments can be found in cars that have fully or partially enclosed doors. When the construction is complete after which the auto parts manufacturing company bolts them together, and they are ready to be fitted onto the finished vehicle.

Experts then install automobile doors onto frames that can be inserted in the car in order to put up the car door mechanism. The door manufacturers test it for security during the process of manufacturing. After installation, they also examine the doors for safety. So, car owners are provided with high-quality automobile doors.


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