Looking Back on Metro Accidents 10 Years Later – FNBWB

In Control (ATC) System due to an inoperable track circuit.

Track circuits alert section controllers to alter track direction at junctions, which allows trains to avoid head-on collisions via routes that branch off.

This malfunction caused communications to stop as two red-line trains collisions.

Jeanice McMillan, a 42-year-old engineer for locomotives who hails from Springfield, Virginia, caught on the current situation at the time and realized that trains could collide with her train. So she took the decision to use emergency breaks for the train. Another train operator was not aware of the danger and continued to travel with the highest speed.

The train going at full speed ran directly over McMillan’s train, crushing the front compartment . It also killed McMillan and eight other passengers. More than 80 people suffered injuries in the metro crash.

The red line’s speed has been reduced in metro’s collision zone since the Metro crash. Metro also no longer is equipped with an ATC system.

Fort Totten Station was given A memorial plaque was erected to honour the deceased and heroes who stepped forward. In the six-year anniversary year an area of memorial was established near Blair Memorial Gardens. 1vno1odoz1.

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