Reasons Why Your Roof is Leaking – How Old Is the Internet

Are there leaks? If so, you need immediately address the issue as soon as it starts to get much worse. Contact your local roofing firm immediately. There are numerous reasons for roof leaks. This video will explain the most common reasons behind leaky roofs.

The most obvious problem is a hole in your roof. Most often, it happens following an intense storm which knocks the branches off the roof. The branch usually creates an opening in the roofing shingles, which allows rain in. It can be dangerous so don’t try to take the branch off yourself. Instead, leave this up to roofing experts.

Step flashings may be missing. It is likely that you are thinking about what is step flashing. This is what connects your roof and other places. Step flashing, for example can be used to connect your siding and roof. This could be the cause of your leak if it has become damaged. The fact is, it could be installed even. It is quite common for roofing companies to forget to set up the flashing for step. The most reliable companies will not forget.


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