5 Ways Your Home Will Benefit From a New Metal Roof – My Maternity Photography


If the thought of having a metal roof sounds outlandish to those who live in the area, then you may have no idea of its numerous benefits. A 2020 Dodge Roofing Industry Report shows that homeowners are more likely to ask the roofers they use to install their the roofing with metal. The benefits include decades of durability when you have good maintenance, a variety of shades, superior climate resistance, resistance to fire and an easy install.
A lot of homeowners have the exact question: Is it possible to install the roof of a metal structure over the shingles you have? Metal roofs are popular because they can be used over the existing shingles. Because they are half the weight of asphalt roofing, metal roofs won’t cause damage to the roofing structure.

Corrugated roof sheeting costs $15,000 on average to install on a 3000-square-foot roofing. If you need more information on exterior roof panels, including quotations, contact your local roofing services. Roofs made of steel can be expected to cost anything from $6-12 per square feet.

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