How a Small Business Uses Deicing Salt – Business Training Video

Know the basic properties of snow and ice. It is a solid transparent substance, which is formed out of water vapor at temperatures that are higher than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. In the event that temperatures fall to below freezing, snow will be formed from water vapour.

Even though ice isn’t melting even when temperatures are lower than the freezing point, it does melt at temperatures at or above that of freezing. Make sure that the salt used for your home is protected from freezing temperatures.

Next, determine the amount of deicing sodium you require from the company that supplies deicing salt. This will depend on the quantity of snow or ice you are expecting and how long it takes temperatures to fall to below zero.

Granular salt can be utilized to get rid of small quantities of snow, or even smaller flakes. If you have more than one inch of snow on the driveway, you’ll need something similar to an ice melter , which will melting up to 3 inches of snow for each bucketful or bag.


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