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Employers are able to use this technique to retain high-quality staff members and show that they care. The fact is, employers do not pay health insurance alone; according to the narration in the video, healthcare insurance costs are borne by both the employee and employer. Employers pay for healthcare insurance by deductions from their payroll. Employees can choose from the employer-paid list. How much do employers pay?

As stated by the voice of the narrator on the video, employers pay higher premiums for health insurance than employees. He continues to state that employers within the United States spend roughly $15,500 per worker per year.

In contrast there are employers who pay too little for their employee’s health insurance. It is estimated that the SBA (small management) estimates that only 31% of small businesses that employ between 3 and 9 individuals offer insurance for healthcare. The reason for this is that traditional plans for health insurance offered by groups can be expensive and small-sized businesses cannot afford to purchase them.

Employers are shifting away from traditional group plans for health insurance and instead manage the individual health insurance plans, similar to 401ks. Employers can now offer healthcare insurance to their employees through managed individual plans which cost less. 9nge44tvbl.

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