Air Compressors and How They Function – Mac OS X Power Tools

The compressor. It can be released with various pressures when needed. Though it is the most commonly used process, there are several compressors, each with its own purpose. Most commonly positive displacement compressors are used in auto repair shops and will be the primary focus of this instructional video.

The reciprocating compressor can be described as one of two types of compressors with positive displacement. The crankshaft spins, causing the piston’s action to reflect inside the housing. In turn, atmospheric air will enter the housing. The discharge valve can be opened once the pressure gets high enough. When the temperature is raised excessively, it could create a less effective compression cycle and the possibility of an explosion. In such cases the compressor may require a different compressor.

A multi-step air compressor includes a stage to cool the air to a lower temperature and avoid the chance of overheating. Often used in conjunction with tanks it is able to use less energy. There are various kinds of compressors, such as multi-step compressors , as well as diaphragm and diaphrag.


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