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The groin vault gives your home a sense of class. They look as if they are from castles, yet they can be installed at the comfort of your home with only few steps. In the video below, we will show how you can install vaults over your groin.

A groin vault ceiling kit includes installation directions. It is important to read carefully the instructions to become acquainted with the procedure. This manual will guide you set up your groin vault swiftly and easily.

1. Determine the location for the ceiling to be installed. This will let you know how much material you will need.

2. The next step is to create an opening to allow for the vault. You must use an appropriate level to ensure that the ceiling is level when it’s put in.

3. Once the opening is cut after which you are able to start putting up the frame for the vault. The lumber you choose should be specifically designed to hold loads.

4. When the framing is set up and running, it is time to begin installing the actual groin vault.

5. You can finish the installation with molding, trim or other finishing touch. This will help to give your ceiling groin vault the look that you’ve always wanted!


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