What Determines Cost on Jewelry Repairs? – Store 3A

Bring it in to repair shops. Every repair will vary and be priced individually. If you’d like to learn more about the process of jewelry repairs and how price is determined be sure to watch this short video!

Pricing is determined by the many stones are enclosed by claws. Each claw can be fixed should more than one be needed. Prices also depend on materials used. Silver , for instance one of the most expensive next to platinum and gold. Platinum however may be the most expensive. These are just a few examples. Larger diamonds are expensive and more rare than a lesser-known material.

The other thing to think about is how severe the harm could be. Whatever amount of material is used, it may still take quite a bit to make the piece new again. The more wear and tear that occurs on a band, the more the bill.

Certain stones can be able to take heat well, other stones, such as opal or garnet can be damaged or changed in color. Removing the stones to protect their heat is a cost too. According to the kind of damage, specific equipment may be required to correct unique situations, and the cost of purchasing the tools will also be included in an estimate.


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