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It is essential that you understand the field before you be employed within it. For the petroleum and gas industry such as oil and gas, it is important to understand the various machinery employed to transport and process various materials. For example, the oil and natural gas sector has equipment rotating that gives workers the ability to view the entire process.

Mechanical parts that move are also known as”kinetic energy. They move fluids and gas.

There are several subcategories within the realm of rotating equipment which describe how fluids and gas are moved through. A good example is the pumps. Pumps are classified according to the way they transfer liquids as well.

Compressors are equipment that can increase gas enjoyment by decreasing the quantity.

The turbine is another form of rotating machinery that describes the combustion engine, which transforms natural gas and different liquid fuels in to mechanical energy. It can then be used for powering a generator, which in turn generates electrical energy. These machines are the heart of every plant that generates energy.

To find out more about rotating machines, check out the linked video.


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