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If there’s nothing damaged to the sidewalls of the tire it will be replaced. If there’s damage to the sidewall any, the tire has to be replaced. There are many ways to fix a small puncture in the tread. A rope plug can be a quick tire repair that will take you to the repair facility and back, however you shouldn’t rely on that in the long term. The following is the correct way to repair an automobile tire.

You will first need to locate the location on the stem of your valve, and mark it. Once you have done this, the tires can then be taken out of the vehicle. Once the tire has been removed from the wheel, you may use an instrument to trace the path of the hole. Usually – but not always – the hole will be straight into the hole this way, making the patching process. To the outside of the hole, you’ll have to smooth out the wall of the tire with a buffer and then apply rubber cement prior to gluing the patch into place.

The process is longer to repair tires than it does to patch. Make sure you are knowledgeable about the tire and the components it comes with before you attempt this task.


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