What Does an Engineer Staffing Agency Do? – Daily Objectivist

This video focuses on staffing agencies in general however, there are some agencies that specialize in matching professional engineers with engineering companies. They offer temp jobs and the opportunity to hire temp workers, and also direct-hire positions. In a temp job it is possible to work for the business on a short-term basis. The work can last some time, perhaps even months. In a temp-to-hire job it is possible to work with the business on a trial basis. If they decide that you fit in with their needs, you can be hired for a long-term contract. Direct-hire is a job in which the company acts as the recruitment arm for the engineering firm. The agency will screen and choose you. Then, the company will hire you.

In working with staffing firms, there are two things to keep in mind. The first is that it’s the company that hires you, though the company which you work for will determine your duties and schedule. An agency that is not a staffing firm should not be paid. An authentic engineer-staffing company will be paid by businesses. If a staffing agency ever solicits payment money, they are running a scam.


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