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It makes it simpler to hang your drywall, or other jobs if you can get the object out of the way.

Install closet bolts first by installing them into the hole on the flange. Tighten down the washers, to make it easier to set the toilet in line when setting it in place.

If the toilet you had previously was shifting, you can fix the toilet using toilet shims. Install the toilet by removing the wax rings. Utilize the shims to support the toilet.

The toilet should be removed and the wax ring installed. When the toilet is in place remove the extra shims.

Turn the toilet bowl over with a towel or cloth. Install the wax ring onto the floor of the toilet. It is then a matter of softening the Ring with warm water. Then press gently on the outlet.

Most toilets have a wax rings. It’s a good idea to keep an additional wax ring to be prepared in case anything occurs during the construction. It is also possible to use the ring without wax. They can be affixed to the flange but not the outlet. These are easier to install than traditional wax rings and offer a lesser chance of getting damaged.

After the wax ring is in place, it is time to put in the toilet. Carefully lower the bowl of the toilet above the bolts for your closet. Drop it to the flange with straight lines instead of being tilted or rocking. The wax rings will not be damaged by this. Put the bowl into the flat spot and ensure that it is square to the wall.

Place the cap bases, washers, as well as the nuts that are on the closet bolts. Check that the caps bases face toward the ceiling. For ensuring that the pressure is evenly distributed on all sides, tighten nuts each time. Make sure the nuts are secure but don’t force them too often as the bowl can crack. Use a hacksaw to remove any bolts that aren’t tight enough and attach the caps.

The valve assembly is usually mounted inside the tank. Turn the tank upside down to attach the bolts and fix it onto the bowl. The bolts will slide into the slot within the tank. Then, you can attach the gasket that is made of rubber.

After that, put the tank inside the bowl. After that, you can place the tank onto the bowl. 1664mxa6kf.

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