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Bricks are made from shale, a light weight rock that splits into layers. Shale needs to be exposed to elements for two to three years. This causes it to bleach and makes it easier to process when it gets to the plant. The screen is used to separate any shale that must be further ground. Shale powder goes to a chemical compound, which process it. Shale that is gray can be made into a brick. When the mixture is coated with sand it’ll turn into as a distinct color. An enormous slap of brick is produced, and it is cut by a huge blade and cuts the bricks. Each brick comes with a code number 23. The next task is to stack the bricks. A machine first separates the bricks. By inflating bags, bricks are grabbed, then raised. After this, they are raised. All the water in the bricks is now starting to evaporate. The dryer gets its hot air through the kiln. A kiln is a giant oven. The viewer will witness the process of making bricks. For more details and to find out more, keep going through the video. 2n2u719yq4.

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