Tips For Owning a Used RV – Car Talk Podcast

The most common issues for second-hand RVs. Because the RV has been traversed through several rigors, sealants and seams can become a problem. You must seal any cracks and openings to prevent the damage caused by water.

2. Reviewing the various systems and devices of the RV . You should check the plumbing system, LP gas system, air conditioner electrical system, and every appliance inside the RV. If you purchase it through an RV dealer, make sure to inquire about what equipment is included in the inspection , and anything they find wrong when they go through the pre-delivery inspection process.

3. If you are buying the RV from a private seller All inspections must be conducted by the owner. You can also solicit a trusted RV inspector and mechanic to help you in the process of inspections. You should avoid purchasing an RV from a seller that is not willing to take part in the inspections.

4. Engine, rear axle, and transmissions must be inspected. Verify the presence of leaks as well as the state of belts, radiator hoses, radiators, as well as other fluids.

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