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as well as the as well as the. These rules and regulations determine the rules of society. A lot of people leave the law in the hands and control of those who are skilled in it. That shouldn’t happen. The reason for this is shown in the YouTube video “Why do I require basic legal understanding?” Every citizen is granted certain rights when they were born. They include the right to freedom of expression and movement in addition to freedom from discrimination. The law is the same for society, it determines the rights of citizens of the society. One person’s actions may violate rights of someone else.
Being aware of Your Rights and Protecting the Rights of Others

Every area of society is governed by law. From private to business. You can imagine getting out with your buddies. When you get to the bar, the party ends. However, the bartender tries to prevent one person from going into. Why? They have hair that is purple. This is an excellent illustration of how important it is to be aware of the basic rules.

Imagine teaming up with someone you’ve known at high school in order to create an enterprise. A person who is familiar and secure. Another side attempts to take over the entire business during the term of the agreement. What can a person be doing to safeguard their rights? These are only a few scenarios that are commonplace and where basic knowledge about law can prove useful.


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